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Support Women who are Supporting Orphans

Come to Pharaoh’s Daughters to shop alongside other like-minded women around the world – and right next door. Millions of women are on a mission to serve the orphan, and we want you to find others who share your passion. It’s free and easy to shop by product, store, or Daughter and find beautiful products made by beautiful Daughters that share your passion!

Purchase with a Purpose!

In The Marketplace, you can shop and support our Daughters – the women vendors and shop owners who are supporting orphans!

All of our vendors are serving orphans through sale of the goods you see here by funding adoptions, sponsoring children, funding ministries and more!

We collect only a small percentage (3%) to cover processing fees so that we can provide a marketing platform to these vendors at cost!

The rest goes to the Daughter, who uses it to support the cause of her choice. Purchase with a purpose and know you are helping support orphans around the world.

Our Featured Daughters