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A Good Day

Some days are just GOOD! And, today was one of those days.

I snuggled in bed until midmorning with my youngest and read books, I think I kissed her a hundred times and thought about the blessing she was in my life. I added chocolate chips in my cereal and divulged in the “I shouldn’t haves” of life, chocolate for breakfast. It’s Sunday, and Sunday’s give me some freed-up brain space to think kind and blissful thoughts about my children-and extra time to eat chocolate for breakfast.

As my biggest girl was getting ready for church, she came in and offered to dress the 2 year old and change her diaper (I told you this was a great day). Much to my joy my biggest girl picked out matching outfits for them to wear to church. And, I was reminded once again, why being a girl-mom really is my favorite!

There was no fighting on the way to church or whining. The sermon was on-point, and the children were learning about Jesus. We came home to give my youngest a nap. I had a leisurely talk on the phone with my mom. I searched online for some athletic shorts for my big girl who just started track and needed shorts in a length that are longer than Daisy Duke would wear, but maybe not Jams like I used to wear in the 80’s. It seems like ‘Bermuda’ sells hard-to-find shorts, so wherever Bermuda is, I’m excited to travel there and buy my girl some decent shorts!

During my call with my mom, my oldest called me outside and showed me her artwork, a driveway full of hearts and flowers- a Mom flower, Big Sis flower, Little Sis flower, and then, there it was, the heart that took my day from good to great-an “I Love You Mom” heart.

Once the gift of “driveway heart art” was given, I started thinking of ways to bless the giver. And, so I brewed a fresh pot of tea, and though it normally stays sugar free, I knew the big girl who had just drawn me flowers and hearts loves sweetened tea, so I added a few big heaps of sugar to the tea and presented it to her in a big pineapple glass complete with straw. On days when I’m really wanting to bless her, I drop by Chick-Fil-A and buy her the sweet tea–tea I’m certain Jesus must love as much as she does! But, today, she had my brew. And, she loved it.

I didn’t want the good day to end so after the littlest woke up from her nap, I packed a beach bag– and off we went on a little adventure. It was really too cold for the beach, but in my eagerness to please the little beings that make my life really awesome, we went anyway. I envisioned tossing a Frisbee, sitting on a blanket and giggling while we listened to the waves roll in. I was confident there would be no water contact because it was only 65 degrees outside-and much too cold for water play.

But the minute my 11-year-old’s toes hit the sand, she came to life. She danced, twirled, leaped and giggled and ran straight into the freezing cold water. Her absolute joy kept me from screaming, “You are going to catch pneumonia! Get out of the water!” Today was such a good day, and somehow I believed immunity was on my side. I just knew it was.

As we walked away from the beach, my 11-year-old had an encounter with reality. The cool night air hit her cold, dripping-wet 4’6” frame and she shook like a Caribbean rumba dancer!

I went into “mommy rescue” mode. So we went to Marshall’s (because for me, a good day has shopping and a sale in it) and found a cute pair of leggings and a Justice t-shirt on the clearance rack. 

Over burgers and raw peanuts, in her cute new dry clothes, the conversation turned toward love. I doted on my oldest, sharing what a great big sister she is to my youngest. My heart gripped with angst thinking of the day the oldest may leave me and concern, too, for my baby girl who has fallen head -over-heels for her new big sister. To clear the uneasy air, I gave a half-jesting, “I’m never going to let you leave.” And then, I choked back tears after she replied, “Good, because I never want to leave.”

As the day came to a close and bedtime prayers were said, I thanked God for such a wonderful day. I praised my big girl and let her know that today had been a really good day. She smiled in agreement, and then with a sheepish grin, she remarked, “you smell like you’ve been sleeping in a barn-you need a bath.”

Foster care, and this mom life, have all the “feels”– some days are good days, and some days are HARD- and some days, you get told you smell like you have been sleeping in a barn.

Keep “Momming” and Loving……. Every Mom Day, is a Good Day!


Sundy Goodnight

Sundy Goodnight

Originally from Central Oklahoma, Sundy Goodnight has a passion for the broken and hurting children of the world. Sher serves as the National Director for the anti-trafficking organization, Stop Child Trafficking Now. Sundy loves her big, blended family of eight siblings. Two are adopted internationally.

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