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The Story Behind the Name

Then Pharaoh’s daughter went down to the Nile to bathe…she saw a basket among the reeds…she opened it and saw the baby and felt sorry for him. (Exodus 2:5-6)

Pharaoh’s daughter was a woman of great courage. She found the baby Moses among the reeds, and raised him as her son, caring for him as if he were her own – just like the millions of mothers who adopt children every year.


The Pharaoh’s Daughters Marketplace was inspired by Sarah Sebyala, whose life has been devoted to caring for the orphans of Uganda, the source of the Nile. Sarah says that our times call forth the story of Moses. The mothers of the world have been forced to “float their children in the river” of orphanages in the hopes that another woman might come forward to raise them. From this powerful image, Pharaoh’s Daughters was born.

To learn more about Sarah’s ministry, visit tributariesinternational.org