With courage, the pharaoh’s daughter seized the moment presented to her. She lived in a time of great cruelty toward children. In that historic moment, she acted with courage. She made a decision to act and pulled him out of certain death. She pulled him out of being drowned by the circumstances of his time, and he went on to become one of the greatest leaders of all time. Moses comes from the Hebrew word Mashah that means “to pull out” or to “rescue”. In courage, she rescued him.


She lived her life in extreme privilege, attended by maids. She had to have enormous conviction because she risked every thing that day. She risked her life of privilege. She risked safety, comfort and wealth. She was convicted that the plight of children was wrong. She was convicted to make a difference. Pharaoh’s Daughter knew that she was called to save a life. And by doing so, she changed the future of the world.


She is one of the great heroines of history and we don’t even know her name. But her name does not matter because it was her character that changed everything. People may not speak our names, but they will speak of a time in history when women of privilege showed a love so great that it changed a child, and changed a people, and changed a nation, and changed the world.



Moses was floated in the Nile because society was failing children. And once again, children worldwide are being “floated in the river” of apathy, cruelty and greed. We are drowning them with famine and preventable illness and trafficking and foster care.

Governments are not saving them. Society isn’t saving them. We, the called women, are the ones. We will save them. The next generation depends on our courage, conviction and character.

God had a divine plan, then and now. God has chosen you, just as he chose Pharaoh’s daughter. You are his royal princess. You are called for this time in history, entrusted with the destiny of a child.

You have courage, conviction and character.

The time is now. Step into your destiny.