Stories of Love

Adoption Through the Rearview Mirror

Jodi Jackson Tucker and Karen Springs dive into their journeys as second mothers. Join them as they unpack "Adoption Through the Rearview Mirror" and "Second Mother Bible Study"

Shaping Identity

Jodi Jackson Tucker and her adopted daughter Agnes discuss how Agnes came to shape her identity from a complex history.

Who Am I?

Each of us has our own brokenness which we must integrate into an identity. Foster and adopted children especially came from broken places and must find a way to connect these pieces into a functional whole.

Parenting Multicultural Families

"Because no one but another second mother gets it." Jodi Jackson Tucker interviews two second mothers who discuss the challenges and joys of parenting a multicultural family today.

My “Bargain” Brown Baby

Let us not deter from the racial dialogue happening in our nation now. Press deeper. Ask more questions, read more articles, make more friends, listen. Let us all speak up for the gift of diversity and the value of every child in the eyes of God.

It Starts With Me

How did we get here as a culture? How did we as a human race let the color of our skin cause such a divide?

Race in Adoption

Jodi Jackson Tucker interviews her daughter as they dive deep into the complexities of race in adoption.

Her Grief Healed Me

This is a repost from Sundy Goodnight’s personal blog. Read more here. Her Grief Healed Me Grief. The last few weeks, amidst the COVID-19 crisis,…

A Good Day

Some days are just GOOD! And, today was one of those days. A repost from Sundy Goodnight's personal blog.

The Importance of Permanency

Agnes had one thing on her mind when she met her adoptive mom, "Will it be forever?" Learn about the importance of permanency in the lives of orphans, and the life-long impact it has.

“Target”ed by Generosity

A trip to Target, last October, changed my life, and one special little girl’s too. A repost from Sundy Goodnight's personal blog.

Having Adopted Siblings

Have you ever wondered what the adoption journey is like to your biological child? Jodi Jackson Tucker interviews her daughter to gain valuable insight into what a biological child needs and how they experience welcoming a new sibling into their life.

Strengthening Mothers Upstream

That moment was like an arrow to my heart Guest post by Erin Littleton When I was small, I sat on the second-from-the-back row at…

Contagious, Courageous Love

I got a phone call from Dawn on my 41st birthday; she was young, pregnant and scared.  And she had chosen us to parent the…

Meet Me at the River

For the last ten years, as I have traveled around the world, I have met the same woman over and over again… She is young,…
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