“Target”ed by Generosity

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“Target”ed by Generosity

A trip to Target, last October, changed my life, and one special little girl’s too.

Mind blown. I took my newest blessing out to get a few things she needed. Like most kids who come into care, she had very little- ragged shoes, no underclothes or pajamas or socks, no toiletry items and she had clothes that didn’t fit. We went shopping for necessities and to pick out a few snack items she would enjoy. As we were having a little fun in the Target costume section, a woman approached me and asked my opinion about face paint (you didn’t know I was an expert in face paint did you? I didn’t know either! ha).

The woman asked what I did for a living and I shared about my job and our foster care ministry. The woman smiled and shared that she would love to volunteer with our organization And then shared she, herself, was in foster care as a teen. My new little blessing, in child like fashion, says, “I’m in foster care.” The woman looks at me and asks, can I bless her with A TOY??? And, then for the next one hour a shopping spree happened (like the kind you see on tv where people get to run through the store and grab what they want).

This woman, who was a school teacher, led my sweet girl on a spree that left my mouth dropped open. She bought shoes, book bag, toys, and bath bombs and a fluffy blanket and pillow and fluffy socks. I still can’t believe this happened. She had no idea that this girl came with basically NOTHING- BUT GOD DID! I want to be Ms. Carolyn when I grow up. I want to love and give generously like she did- it was lavish. And my girl said she felt so special and she kept saying “God Blessed Me” and I bet she said thank you 10 times.

We are currently home, playing with each new toy, wearing our new pajamas and socks and trying out the new blanket and pillow. And truly, though less than 24 hours ago her world was turned upside down- tonight a little dignity was restored, and this child whom I’m already head over heels for says she feels special and “rich”! My mind is officially blown. #Godisgood #fosterlove #fridaynitefun

Sundy Goodnight

Sundy Goodnight

Originally from Central Oklahoma, Sundy Goodnight has a passion for the broken and hurting children of the world. Sher serves as the National Director for the anti-trafficking organization, Stop Child Trafficking Now. Sundy loves her big, blended family of eight siblings. Two are adopted internationally.

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