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2017 Terms of Use/Fees Policy
This policy is part of our terms of use.  By opening a Pharaoh’s Daughters Store you are agreeing to this Policy, Fees, and our Terms of Use.


All potential sellers will complete an application to join Pharaoh’s Daughters.  Once reviewed, Pharaoh’s Daughters will determine approval or denial based on alignment of the seller vs. the site values and mission.  Seller may also receive feedback in order to have the opportunity to make adjustments to qualify for the site.  Pharaoh’s Daughters reserves the right to deny approval to any applicant as well as deny approval for specific products if they do not align with the site values and mission.

All sellers will commit a self determined portion of their earnings towards the care and/or rescue of orphans.  Each seller will have the opportunity to 1) note the applicable avenue of support via a search mechanism as well as 2) highlight their supported cause specifically in their store bio.  Once the seller has uploaded their store, Pharaoh’s Daughters will review and provide feedback on any necessary changes prior to posting to the site.

Pharaoh’s Daughters reserves the right to pull a seller at any time if they are not meeting the Terms of Use and/or do not line up with the vision and mission of this site.  Products represented must be indicative in nature of what was presented during the initial application.  If there is a change in direction in the shop, the seller must advise Pharaoh’s Daughters via email prior to posting.

Sellers will sign an agreement committing to the Terms of Use and the below Fee Schedule.  The agreement will be updated annually by sellers and Pharaoh’s Daughters reserves the right to make changes to both the Terms of Use and Fee Schedule at that time.

2017-2018 FEES

Joining/Becoming a Seller Fee = $0
Monthly Membership Fee = $0
Listing An Item = $0
Selling An Item = 3% of the transaction

This does not include any shipping or tax rates the seller may charge the customer or the cost of the seller’s paypal account.  Sellers are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with using and making sales through Pharaoh’s Daughters Services.

Advertising = Varies

Sellers will have the opportunity to promote items and their respective store throughout the site by purchasing advertising on the various landing pages.

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